Enjoy Mobile Snooker Betting

In India, Snooker is a sport that is rapidly gaining in popularity. The game of snooker is based on the billiards, the cue sport that was very popular among the elite sections of English society back in the sixteenth century. Brought into India by the British army officers, snooker has become one of the biggest social and competitive sports for the younger Indian generation. In 1926, M. M. Begg and others launched the Billiards and Snooker Federation of India (BSFI) in a bid to popularize cue sports within the country. Although not as popular as cricket or hockey, online and mobile snooker betting has gained in popularity in recent years. With online betting, anyone in India can place online snooker bets on any local or international snooker game.

Snooker Basics

If you are new to online snooker betting, there are a few things to take note of. It is important to note that professional snooker events almost always take place in the knockout format. In a knockout tournament, the winner of each match is determined by the first player to win a specific number of frames. The most prestigious professional snooker tournament is the World Snooker Championship. This is held annually and played at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England. There are number of other ranking snooker tournaments played throughout the year. Other notable events include The Indian open, The Masters and Snooker Grand Prix, the Champion of Champions, the Seniors World Championship, and the China Open.

Types of Mobile Snooker Betting

Mobile snooker betting sites allow snooker enthusiasts to place a wide range of snooker bets as follows:

  • Outright Bet – A bet placed on the prediction that a particular player will win the tournament
  • Frame Bet – A bet placed on a value illustrating the frame score for each game comprising a tournament
  • Match Bet – A bet placed on one player that he/she will win the match. Bettors are free to place multiple match bets on several players.
  • Handicap Bet – This bet is rapidly gaining popularity in mobile snooker betting, because it offers a handicap allowance.
  • Highest Break Bet – A bet placed on the prediction that a particular player will make the highest break during a tournament. It might also include the size of that break.
  • In Running Bets – These are bets placed on highest breaks, players who will win the next frame, and so on in the process of watching the match on TV
  • Outright Winner Bet – This is a bet placed on the prediction that a particular player will emerge as the winner

Tips on Mobile Snooker Betting

Before placing any significant bet, it is advisable that novice bettors learn as much about the game and the players as possible. Bettors are advised to check out snooker odds analyses at snooker betting blogs and top betting sites before they bet. Like any individual sport, snooker is combination of skill, strategy and mental stamina. There are many factors that can affect the outcome of a game. If a player has not played in a while or has recently suffered an injury it may affect his performance.

If you have your tablet or smartphone handy, why not give mobile snooker betting a try? To get you started we have created a comprehensive list of India’s top mobile betting sites right here, and you could be registered and ready to wager in just a few minutes with any of these reputable bookies.