Mobile Live Betting India

Indian punters have been discovering the thrill of wagering directly from the screen of their mobile device. Gone are the days when punters had to stand in line at their local bookies office in order to place a wager. Especially just before a big sporting event, the lines of people waiting to place a bet could become a bit ridiculous, as everybody clambers to get their wager placed before the event actually starts. The other aspect of having to bet directly at the bookies office was that if you were fortunate enough to win a big bet, the winnings were often paid out in cash, which meant you would have to walk home with a bulging wad in your back pocket. The mobile betting industry in India has revolutionised how punters interact with bookies, and have made the whole wagering process incredibly easy.

In addition, the choice that is available to Indian bettors is increasing all the time and punters are now able to wager on just about any sport. And all of this directly from the screen of your mobile device, whether it’s an Android, iPad or iPhone! However, the latest offering from the top mobile betting sites in India, all listed for you here, is that now Indian bettors are able to take part in live betting! If you have no idea what this type of betting is, then you have come to the right place to learn more. Live betting is the next best thing in making mobile wagering the most exciting that it has ever been!

Experience Live Betting Excitement on your Mobile

Take a look at the links on our site, which all link directly to the best mobile sports betting sites in India. You will notice on these sites that the top mobile totes all offer live betting options to Indian punters. If you are new to this form of wagering, what it basically does is allow punters to place a bet during the course of a certain sports game! So for instance, if you are a soccer fan, and you are watching your two favourite teams on the TV face off against each other.

If one of the teams scores a goal in the opening moments, this could have a major impact on how you think the rest of the game will unfold. Perhaps one team has a history of never losing once they are in the lead, but have a very different average if they go down by a goal. Indian punters are now able to place a bet during the game, and this adds to the excitement of the whole wagering process. Try live betting from the screen of your mobile device, and discover the thrill of wagering as a game unfolds.

Live Betting with Top Indian Mobile Bookmakers

To get started with live betting, all you need to do is register on one of the top mobile sports betting sites in India, links to which you will find directly on our site. Our team has listed for you only the very best mobile bookies, that live up to all their promises. So try and wager on your favourite team during an actual match, and discover the next level in sports betting excitement at India’s top mobile bookmakers.