Mobile IPL Betting Sites

In India, cricket is considered to be one of the biggest sports in the country. The game of cricket was originally brought to India by the brits in the late 19th Century. Since then it has gone on to capture the hearts and minds of every Indian sports fan. For as long as the game has been played, people have been betting on the results. Today online cricket betting is the biggest online betting market in India. With the recent introduction of the shortened Twenty20 game, online and mobile cricket betting has increased dramatically. But when it comes to online betting, no betting market comes close to online and mobile IPL Betting.

About IPL Cricket Betting

For those who are new to the game of cricket, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is an annual Twenty20 cricket tournament founded in 2008 by the BCCI. The IPL consists of 8 teams which are named after Indian cities and owned by franchises. The IPL tournament is held in India between April and June annually. Currently the IPL is the most-watched Twenty20 league in the world and is known for its major commercial success. With mobile IPL betting, Indian sport fans can place online bets on any IPL match at any time. Mobile sports betting allows bettors to view the latest scores, check out the odds and place online bets from any tablet, smartphone or mobile device.

Types of Mobile IPL Betting

With mobile IPL betting, a bettor can choose from a variety of online cricket bets. For the novice bettor, a straight win/lose bet is the best option. For the more experienced cricket bettor, there are the more exotic IPL bets that can be placed. Examples of the various types of exotic bets include:

  • Man of the Match – Betting on which player will win man of the match
  • Partnership bet – This is a bet on which two players will put up the highest partnership
  • Top batsman – This is a bet on which batsman will get the top batsman award in the match
  • Best Bowler – this is a bet on which bowler will win the best bowler award in the match
  • First 50 – This is a bet on which player will get the first 50 runs.
  • Total score – This is a bet on what the total combined score will be in the match

Before Mobile IPL Betting

With IPL betting, there are a few things that every novice bettor should take not of. For starters, every IPL team has their key players and if any of these players are injured and unable to play, the game could be very different. Always keep informed about the players and teams before a big game.  A bettor should also take note of the current form of each team as well as if there is a home-ground advantage. Historical results are generally a good indication of a matchup between rival teams.

If you are interested in IPL betting on your mobile and you’re looking for the best online Indian sports betting sites to get started, look no further. For your convenience we have rated and listed India’s top online and mobile betting sites right here, making it easy for you to bet on the go with the best every time.